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Special Features

Each recipe includes carefully calculated nutritional data.

For Metabolic Disorders
(for people on treatment for PKU, tyrosinemia, MSUD, and other metabolic disorders requiring a low protein diet):

  phenylalanine (mg)
  tyrosine (mg)
  leucine (mg)
  protein (gm)
  calories (Kcal)

For Kidney Disease (for people on treatment for chronic kidney disease):

  protein (gm)
  calories (Kcal)
  sodium (mg)
  phosphorus (mg)
  potassium (mg)

The book also includes:

  • 562 recipes, including recipes for over 60 salads, 48 pasta dishes, 38 soups, 170 vegetable dishes, 96 sweets—and much more!

  • 12 recipe chapters:
      Salad Celebrations   Hot Off the Grill
      Soup’s On   Where’s the Beef?
      Bread and Beyond   The Adventurous Cook
      Vegetables for All Seasons   Company’s Coming
      Rice from East to West   Sweet Delights
      Pasta, Please!   And Everything Else

  • Other chapters include: Set Your Table for Taste and Health, Healthy Eating for Children (tips for dealing with picky eaters), Tips for Diet Management, Menu Ideas, All About Produce (helpful information for buying, preparing, and storing all of the produce used in the book), Kitchen Tools, Tips for Storing Prepared Foods, Resources, and others.

  • The book also features lay-flat binding, a sturdy cover, an appealing lay-out, and two colors throughout.